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What our customers are saying

  • “ It is an amazing program that actually has everything you need to get a 2400. ”
    Student, Elah H.
  • “ TestRocker rocks! My son had to prepare for his SAT in 1 month. TestRocker is without any doubt the best online tutorial to help teenagers through this difficult exercise with maximum effectiveness. ”
    Parent, Agnes E.
  • “ Instead of going back and forth in a book and trying to search for a question or answer TestRocker would show you an explanation of why you got the question wrong and how to get it right the next time. ”
    Student, Dayami R.
  • “ It is really good because it lends to my busy schedule and I can do it in my pockets of free time. It covers every topic in an efficient and organized manner. ”
    Student, Nicola L.
  • “ I have been very impressed with the program for its thoroughness as well as the fact that it makes the prep work almost fun. My son has become so motivated to succeed that he worked all Christmas break on the program - without any prodding from me. ”
    Parent, Mary P.
  • “ The vocabulary game is great. For most kids studying vocabulary is tedious and boring. The fact that TestRocker has combined the entertainment of a game and the importance of learning in the Vocabulary game is wonderful. ”
    Student, Evan P.

TestRocker® in the news


Suniti Mathur

The Ulimate Private Tutor
Chief Content Officer

Suniti has prepared over 1200 students across the world for the SAT and ACT tests. Her 14 years of experience has given her a deep understanding of what works with students of all proficiencies. Suniti's students have increased their score by up to 700 points on the SAT and 8 points on the ACT. Suniti received her graduate diploma in teaching from Auckland College of Education.

Keith Bevacqua

Director of Multimedia Production

Keith is TestRocker’s Director of Multimedia Production. He is responsible for the creation of all multimedia materials including TestRocker’s 3600+ SAT & ACT videos. As the son of an educator, Keith is proud to use his expertise in video and interactive media to help the next generation of college bound students propel their success through TestRocker. Keith graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Film, Video & Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University.

Urvashi Mathur


Urvashi is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of TestRocker. She leads TestRocker product development, technology, strategic initiatives and customer service worldwide. Urvashi graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in Management. She started her career as an advertising account executive at Ogilvy & Mather in New York City.

James Murphy

Director of Business Development Asia Pacific

James is the Director of Business Development in Asia Pacific. He works with schools, institutions, parents and students across Asia to address their test preparation needs with TestRocker. James holds a BA in Business and Economics from Trinity College Dublin and an MBS in Asian Business jointly awarded by University College Cork and Nanyang Technological University.

Contact James

Michael Henry

Manager of Business Development U.S.A.

Michael is responsible for sales and business development in the United States. He develops and manages relationships with private high schools, foundations and institutions. Michael strongly believes that students can realize their educational dreams through TestRocker. He is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame, with a BA in Finance.

Contact Michael

Sybil I. St. Hilaire

Marketing Associate

Sybil is responsible for all of TestRocker's marketing efforts. She was drawn to TestRocker because of its innovative way of preparing students for the SAT and making college attainable for all high school students. Sybil is a proud graduate of Harvard University, with a BA in Sociology.

Aakash Aaron

Manager of Business Development, South Asia

Aakash is responsible for Sales and Business Development in South Asia. He has spent over 10 years in the education industry and started his career at The Princeton Review. Most recently, he led the Corporate Partnerships Division of LIQVID eLearning, New Delhi. Aakash received a BA with Honors in Political Science from Delhi University and studied Management at IIPM, New Delhi. He also holds a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University. Aakash believes that the Internet is revolutionizing education and he is committed to helping students leverage the power of online learning.

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TestRocker students have seen up to a 400 point increase on their SATs. Average score increase has been 280 points.

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With TestRocker you can achieve your dream ACT score. Our ACT program has been created by expert private tutor Suniti Mathur who has tutored thousands of students around the world. Suniti's students have seen up to an 8 point improvement on their ACT score.

TestRocker's ACT program includes:

You can access all of the above on an unlimited basis for 6 months