+180 SAT point average increase
+4 ACT point average increase
Prestigious school acceptances and scholarships

Preparing Students Since 2004

For over 13 years Suniti Mathur, College Prep Expert and creator of TestRocker, has worked with high school students around the world to improve their SAT and ACT scores. Suniti has worked with low scoring students to higher scoring students before they came for her help. The tutoring method that always work best for all students is exactly how the TestRocker program operates. The TestRocker method is to find the students strengths and weaknesses, and then teach and practice what ever subject needs the most work. This method has proven time and again to be the best method to reach a students highest test score potential. The proof is in the success of our students. 


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Comprehensive Test Prep 

Plan- Each TestRocker student will be given a test that will determine his or her strengths and weaknesses.
Learn- The program then goes back to the students weaker subjects and teaches the fundamentals
Practice - The student will then practice using the TestRocker example questions, videos, and games.


Singapore American School Student Loves TestRocker (#1) from TestRocker Inc. on Vimeo.

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 TestRocker Results

Schools of students we've worked with in Singapore.

- Singapore American School


- UWCSEA Dover

- many more...

TestRocker Student Achievements

- Above average SAT & ACT scores.

- 180+ SAT points & 4+ ACT points increase on average.

- Full scholarship offers.

Gone Onto

- Ivy League

- Other prestigious universities

- Their dream colleges

-To become leaders, CEOs, and validictorians


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