SAT or ACT? Find out which test is right for you!

Don't waste time taking full length tests to see which test you might perform better on. Simply answer the questions below and find out whether you should take the SAT or ACT in less than 5 minutes!

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Do you read a lot in your spare time?*

Do you find it easy to read classic/world literature and newspaper articles/editorials?*

Do you usually need to read literature and articles (text) twice to achieve full comprehension? *

Are you uncomfortable reading content heavy text?*

Do you read slowly?*

Is it tough for you to look for details when reading text?*

Can you define each of these four words? Inimical, Reverence, Substantiated, Equivocal*

Is it difficult for you to answer questions about details from a text that you have only read once?*

Can you easily answer a question from a text you have read without being given any pointers/hints?*

Do you get high grades in English literature at school? *

Do you need time to work through math problems slowly?*

Is it difficult for you to remember math formulae?*

Can you do high level algebra without a calculator?*

Are questions without multiple choice answers more difficult for you?*

Do you find geometry extremely challenging? *

Are your school math scores usually below 75%*

Is it hard for you to analyze data, tables, and graphs/charts based on scientific concepts?*

Do you feel uneasy drawing conclusions from science experiments and analyses?*

Is science a tough subject for you at school?*

Do you find it hard to perform well under time constraints?*

Are you more comfortable with English than with math? *

Do you find reading for understanding easier than recognizing correct grammar?*