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TestRocker is the leading provider of customized SAT/ACT preparation for institutions around the world. Our award-winning approach combines technology and high quality content to ensure success for your students and organization. Contact us to learn how we can tailor our solutions to start delivering results for you.

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"Our promise to deliver high score improvements for all clients is achieved by our 360° approach to the test preparation process:"

  • Award-winning technology and pedagogy

  • Training for all users and administrators

  • Programming creation and on-going support for administrators

  • High quality customer service for students

  • Real-time analytics and a state of the art program management system

The TestRocker Pedagogy

Test preparation should be more than just memorization and practice tests. Research shows that by the time students sit for the SAT/ACT, they are hazy on the concepts they are being tested on. The TestRocker method is based on three integral steps, with the strongest focus on step 2:


  • Planning forms the foundation of how students can best utilize their time to work towards their dream score
  • Students take TestRocker's proprietary 70 min diagnostic test to assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • Students get instant access to a customized study plan
  • Our built in "Progress Meter" allows student to self-monitor progress
  • This first step helps students set challenging yet realistic performance goals


  • Students spend most of their time on TestRocker at this step to master the concepts & skills needed to maximize their scores
  • TestRocker's 2000+ videos are designed to encourage students to improve their ability by working through 3 levels of difficulty in each concept
  • Suniti's teaching focuses on imparting and reinforcing learning at critical moments
  • Our quality instruction is friendly but not overwhelming
  • Students are encouraged to take risks - to try, explore, review mistakes, and access simpler and better solutions to challenging problems
  • Students are also shown how to answer questions correctly in under a minute


  • Repeated timed practice and access to instant feedback gives students the confidence to perform their best on test day
  • Students access 36+ timed practice quizzes by topic with video explanations
  • Receive hand-graded comments on 2 timed essays
  • Increase confidence with full-length timed practice tests
  • Strengthen SAT vocabulary knowledge with interactive vocabulary game
  • Ask Suniti questions through our community tab

TestRocker Analytics

Ever wonder how your students are doing with their test prep? With TestRocker you don’t have to! Get real time student tracking with our proprietary analytics and student management system (TRAC 2.0)

  • Institutional Level

    TRAC 2.0 puts the power in your hands to manage your entire program in one place

    • Manage student list
    • Monitor the entire group's activity for log-ins and time spent
    • Create and monitor active accounts for students and teachers/program managers
  • Group Level

    Provide your staff with the tools to monitor their specific students

    • Segment students by age, location, class or staff member
    • Review log-ins, average videos watched, diagnostic test scores and time spent by specific subjects
    • Receive alerts about students who have not accessed their accounts for more than 7 days
    • Send mass emails to groups of students straight from TRAC 2.0
  • Student Level

    Analyze the unique data of every one of your students

    • See a student's customized study plan
    • View which practice quizzes a student has attempted and review their scores
    • Identify how much time students spend in specific areas and which ideos they are watching
    • Download a student's progress report to discuss with them or their families