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TestRocker is the best preparation method for your teen because it is:

  • AVAILABLE 24/7

    We know your child has a lot of extra-curricular commitments, which makes it tough to schedule traditional prep classes. TestRocker is always open, so prep can happen whenever it is convenient, for any length of time.


    TestRocker is safe and accessible on any internet-enabled device so that your child can spend more time learning, and less time commuting to and from classes.


    TestRocker analyzes your child's strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus on the content areas that need the most work. Your child’s progress is tracked by the minute, and we even email you a progress report every 2 weeks so you can keep track.


    TestRocker focuses on learning vs. just practice drills. This is where the highest score improvements come from. We teach through comprehensive video explanations; your child will have access to 2000+ video lessons.

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How does TestRocker motivate and keep teens on track?

We take accountability to support students throughout their test-prep journey.


    Upon signing up for TestRocker, your teen will be assigned an Advisor who will check in with your child on a regular basis over six months to help set goals and review progress.


    We will email you a bi-weekly report of your child’s progress so that you can keep track without having to ask!


    In addition to sending regular encouraging emails, we send an email to your teen to get them to log back on if they haven't logged on in 2 weeks.

Where is the proof that it works?

We are dedicated to achieving the highest score increases.

Hear it from some of our students!

+280 point

average increase on the


4 point

average increase on the


College Board reports an average increase of 90 points

ACT, Inc reports an average increase of 1 point

  • "TestRocker rocks! My son had to prepare for his SAT in 1 month. TestRocker is without any doubt the best online tutorial to help teenagers through this difficult exercise with maximum effectiveness."

    Agnes E., Parent
  • "I have been very impressed with the program for its thoroughness as well as the fact that it makes the prep work almost fun. My son has become so motivated to succeed that he worked all Christmas break on the program - without any prodding from me."

    Mary P., Parent
  • "With TestRocker’s 24/7 access, I am able to learn so many topics at odd times of the day. Per their policy, Suniti always replied to my queries within 1 day. With its global access, detailed video explanations, great student community & excellent feedback on essays, TestRocker really honed my test-taking skills. I recommend it to other high score aspiring students."

    Agam G., Student
  • "The amount of personal connection in the TestRocker program is great. You feel as if Suniti is sitting there next to you going through the program. If you have a specific problem with a question, you have the option to email them, which they reply to within a day."

    Evan P., Student

How will TestRocker help your child get the highest possible score improvement?

TestRocker’s three-step approach to a higher score focuses on solidifying the concepts behind the topics being tested.


  • We use a proprietary 70-minute diagnostic test to instantly create a customized study plan for your teen
  • This is where we identify areas of weaknesses and strengths, and guide the student with suggested amounts of time to spend per section
  • The study plan also tracks progress over the test preparation period


  • Students spend most of their time in the Learn phase
  • Every topic has multiple practice questions with video explanations, and a chapter overview that can serve as a refresher or as a full lesson to learn everything that is covered conceptually for the topic
  • Students are able to ask Suniti questions, and are guaranteed a response from her within 24 hours


  • Once your teen is comfortable with a topic, we challenge them with timed practice quizzes followed by full-length practice tests

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How much does TestRocker cost?

  • PSAT


    Full access for 6 months

  • SAT / ACT


    Full access for 6 months for either the SAT or ACT.

  • SAT & ACT


    Unlimited access for 6 months if you enroll in both SAT & ACT programs.