"How we work with Schools & Districts"

At TestRocker, we understand that no two schools are the same. Therefore, we work closely with school administrators and counselors to create the best possible test-preparation plan for their students.

Why Schools work with TestRocker

  • We're experienced

    • Thousands of students studying for the FOUNDATIONS & PSAT, SAT & ACT
    • Students from 40+ countries
    • Types of schools we’ve worked with:
      • Public
      • Private
      • Independent
      • Charter
      • International
      • Boarding Schools
      • Homeschool Students
  • Flexible Implementation

    • Flexible Class Models:
      • Online only
      • Blended in-school
      • Blended after-school
    • Variable Payment Structures:
      • School-funded
      • Family-funded
      • College-access funded
      • Combination
    • Any Device
      • Desktops
      • Mobile phones
      • iPads, Tablets, Chromebooks
  • World Class Support

    • Start of implementation
      • Setting goals & customized solutions
      • Training of school administration
      • Student onboarding
      • Student Management & tracking system
    • During implementation
      • Detailed training for students
      • Real time student tracking at 3 levels - school, class and student level
      • Dedicated support staff for students
      • Dedicated support staff for counselors
Grenada School District

"My favorite part about the program is that it creates an individualized course of study for each student no matter what academic level. Unlike most online programs, TestRocker is very user friendly and easy to navigate." - Jerry Williams, Grenada High School Principal

GEMS Education

"We want to help students in the UAE looking to enter the highly competitive US tertiary education system with the best possible start, and given the changes to the SAT assessment, we felt that the time was right to bring the TestRocker program to our students." - Alan Marshall, Group Director of Standards, GEMS Education

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