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Why Choose TestRocker as a content supplier?

  • Bring your business into the 21st century with our state of the art technology and analytics that works anytime, anywhere
  • Gain a larger customer base by providing your students options and flexibility to study in the classroom or online
  • Leverage our expertise in content to provide your students with the most up to date content
  • Grow your business by spending less time on administrative tasks with our proprietary TRAC 2.0 student management system
  • Save time by not having to correct test papers or essays
  • Keep students’ parents in the loop through our biweekly-automated progress reports
  • Make more money by purchasing TestRocker at wholesale prices while making your customers happy by passing on significant discounts

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Recent Tutoring Center Partners


Mindlab is a leading provider of IB/IGCSE tutoring company in Singapore since 2009. Mindlab is a TestRocker Authorized SAT/ACT Prep Program Partner.


AmericaPrep has been a leading tutoring center in Hong Kong since 2001. Their model is to provide in-person tutoring, however they recognize that many of their students do not have the time available to attend in person classes. Additionally, they understand that they might not be able to accommodate every student request. To solve for this, AmericaPrep partnered with TestRocker to provide their students with an online SAT/ACT preparation option.

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